With the help of technologies, online casinos are emerging and advancing day by day. It is not news that one finds more merriment while playing from online casinos that the traditional casinos. Canada is a country where this trend has reached its peak.  The country has also given birth to some of the amazing online casinos present in the world. The natives look forward to accepting the online casinos that accept CAD or Canadian dollars.  The reason is that you don’t have to worry about any transfer-related issues and risks. Having said that, we will see some of the famous online casinos you can lay with CAD regulation and payment issues. Without creating any further dialogues, let us dive into the post, shall we?

Golden Tger Casino

Golden Tiger

The first and the foremost one on the list is Golden Tger Casino. This is an accurate choice if you are a native gambler who loves gambling in online casinos, especially for real money, you must look forward to playing in this casino. The casino was initiated for more than nine years, and ever since its inceptions, the casino has attracted many players. The online casino is powered by the Microgaming and comprises of offering more than 420 casino games for its players. Some of the games comprise of roulette, blackjack, video poker, craps, baccarat, slots.

Casino Action

Another famous online casino you can find that accepts CAD is Casino Action. The casino is licensed under Gaming Authority of Malta and Microgaming runs the software. You can find many games that are dedicated to their players. You can also find traditional as well as conventional games at the online casino playground like 3D graphics, blackjack games, video and classic slots, video poker and many more. If you are a newcomer to the online casino space, you will be awarded many awards and bonuses.

Why Natives Choose Online Casinos That Accept CAD?

Like mentioned before, the native loves gambling in an online casino that accepts CAD. By doing so, you don’t have to think of the other charges and fees you are bound to pay if you are playing with a foreign currency other than CAD. Another factor is that CAD is accepted in most of the casino spaces. This will also make them stay away from the hassles they have to go through due to trading of currencies, exchange and transfer of any other currencies but CAD.


The above given are some of the famous online casinos you can play if you are a native of Canada. Also, these points will help you more to stick to the native currency gambling and not any other casino spaces that do not promote any foreign currency gambling.