Award Criteria
• One annual award per Ontario community college to be granted to a member of employment
equity target group (women, aboriginal, disabled, visible minority).
• $1,000 per award.
• Given to student who has completed one year and is currently in the second year of the
Electrical /Electronics/Instrumentation Technician or Technology Program. Failing that, a
Mechanical/Power Systems/Computer/Marine Engineering Technician or Technology
Program. Failing that, a Chemical Technician or Technology Program.
• Requires strong oral and written communication skills.
• Demonstrated leadership skills.
• Is of good academic standing (minimum B average).
• Involved in extra-curricular activities.
• Will not be receiving more than one other award of equal or greater value in his/her second year.
• Is legally eligible to work in Canada upon graduation.
Note: Award recipients will receive priority consideration for a developmental work term
following successful completion of second year.
Administrative Process
• The award candidate is nominated through the college internal awards selection program.
• Following nomination, the Awards Office provides written notification and resume of award
recipient to Ontario Power Generation.
• Following acceptance of the candidate, Ontario Power Generation provides the Awards Office
with the cheque.
• Ontario Power Generation will arrange for a representative to be present at the awards ceremony
or luncheon.
• A letter of congratulations is given to the representative for the student at the ceremony. If there is
no representative available, the letter will be sent with the cheque directly to the awards office.