OPG Skilled Trades Recruitment Video Transcript

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New people, new opportunities and new challenges.

Best thing that’s happened since I graduated.

It’s a great place to work.

David, Nuclear Operator Trainee: I’ve found OPG a very good place for me to work. I enjoy what I’m doing and all the learning that I’m getting to do right now.

Riley, Control Technician: I would highly recommend OPG to other people. I feel that it’s an absolutely amazing experience; an opportunity for anybody.

Eric, Apprentice Welder: OPG’s been an excellent choice for me. A stable, good job – lots of benefits.

John Murphy, Executive Vice President, Human Resources: It has absolutely the best people and the greatest challenge from a technology perspective than any other company I can imagine.

People in skilled trades are going to have a tremendous opportunity because they’re going to be in high demand and short supply, so they’re going to be very, very important. They’re important to our company right now; they are even more important for our future success.

OPG is really concerned with the safety of their employees.

It’s our biggest priority.

The safety is a step above every other industry.

I find it very comforting to know that the company I work for takes that safety very seriously.

It’s an absolute must for OPG as a company and for their employees and the community as well.

Greg, Shift Control Technician: Compensation and pay at OPG is outstanding.

We have an amazing pension plan and drug plan.

They are very good to us.

It’s a pretty friendly place to work, everyone gets along.

I’ve developed a really close friendship with my co-workers.

It’s a very family-oriented place, you know. You get to know people and you spend a lot of time with those people so you build friendships.

Before I even walked into the station I was given three months of training just to understand the importance of everything I would be working on and to re-establish all my core skills.

There are constant upgrade courses I can take. They give us excellent training and excellent facilities. We have the best teachers and the best tools to work with.

The veteran employees that I have worked with have taught me many different techniques, different ways of doing things. They know things that, you know, you just can’t know coming out of college, just on-the-job experience that they have.

They’re very helpful. They want to pass it down. They want to teach you.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from every employee that I’ve worked with.

Opportunities for advancement and movement throughout the company are endless.

The only limitation is your own motivation.

I just don’t have to stay with my one trade.

There are lots of different things you can do.

Of all the managers I’ve met at OPG they’ve all started at an entry level position and worked their way to the top.

I started working for our company in 1980 at the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant. I certainly am a good example of how far an individual can go in this company if they set their sights high.