Skilled Trades

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There are many different Skilled Trades positions available across the province at OPG. All new graduates are hired into a trainee position and are given all the necessary training to be successful at OPG. You may start in one area and move on to another. We encourage everyone who works here to take advantage of the opportunities to explore different career paths.

Important Facts About Skilled Trades At OPG

  • About 50 per cent of the employees at OPG work in Skilled Trades positions.
  • Skilled Trades people are vital to OPG because they ensure generating stations across the province run smoothly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Specific job postings indicate whether shift work is required.
  • Nuclear is a Skilled Trades area that is growing rapidly.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance in all Skilled Trades positions.
  • All hours worked are applicable towards an Apprenticeship Certification. See  How To Obtain Your Certificate Of Qualification for more information.

Recruiting Timeframes

Most new graduate positions in Skilled Trades are posted in January and February. However, there are postings throughout the year, depending on the current needs of particular business units. For specific timing details on these positions for new graduates, please see the Application Process section.

What To Expect

Watch our video to get a better sense of the work environment and culture at OPG. For specifics on each position, refer to the links below.

Want The Specifics?

All Skilled Trades new graduates are hired as Skilled Trades Trainees. For specifics on the training you will receive once you have been hired at OPG, refer to the following links for each position.

Are You The Right Fit?

We look for enthusiastic, dedicated people who:

  • place safety as a priority;
  • are team players;
  • seek opportunities to grow and develop;
  • want to put their energy to good use and make a valuable contribution in providing a vital Ontario resource;
  • enjoy being challenged; and
  • are self-motivated and enjoy working in a quality control-driven environment.