OPG Engineering Recruitment Video Transcript

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New people, new opportunities and new challenges.

Best thing that’s happened since I graduated.

It’s a great place to work.

Ismail, Assistant Technical Engineer Officer: OPG has given me a lot of opportunities that I would not have had at other companies.

Lothi, Engineering Trainee: I think OPG is a great place to work. Definitely, I would recommend OPG to other people.

Mark Arnone, Director, Projects and Modifications: It’s given me many places to grow, many different challenges to try on a regular basis. It offers a wide range of areas to use my engineering skills and talents. I’d say it’s been a wonderful place to work.

Mark: We have many retiring employees that the new grads are going to come in to, to take those positions. They will be the leadership of the organization moving forward.

Ismail: I feel extremely safe working at a nuclear plant.

Nuala, Engineering/Applied Science Trainee: They’ve given us all the training that we need to know and they provide us with all the equipment that we need to stay safe at our jobs.

Safety systems that we have are second to none. The radiation control that we go through is incredibly precise.

I feel that OPG is a very safe place to work.

Pay is great.

Your starting salary as an engineer- it’s very competitive, better than almost any other firm.

The benefits at OPG are really good, especially their health benefits-excellent.

It’s not just a workplace; it’s like a small community.

It’s a good relationship, not only during the working hours but you make a lot of friendships outside of the working hours that you can build on.

A lot of the people I work with are actually close friends of mine where we do things outside of work so it’s a great balance.

Training, I think, for OPG is the second most important thing besides safety.

They have a lot of variations of training courses available for employees.

OPG lets you take courses outside of OPG.

Training prepares me for my future.

The most important information, I think, that I’ve found, is from the veteran employees. They’ve seen it, they’ve been there, they’ve done it and you’re not going to find that in any design manual or any operating manual or any textbook.

When I started at OPG I was assigned to a mentor who will walk me through the job. When I met Tom for the first time he was very warm and he was willing to help me and I felt that I could learn a lot from him. He had a lot of knowledge that he accumulated over a number of years.

Tom, senior Design Engineer: I have been working for Instrumentation and Control for 30 years. I want to pass on my working knowledge and experience to her.

OPG is such a big company that you can start off in one department and move around.

You will not be limited. You will have many opportunities. If you stay in the company and you work hard the opportunities are endless.

I definitely don’t feel limited at OPG.

Based on what I see from the current crop of new grads, I think they’ll be moving into senior positions much quicker than we did.

We are the future of OPG.