Engineering & Applied Sciences

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All new graduates in these areas are hired as Engineering & Applied Science Trainees. Our Trainee Program offers comprehensive instruction and provides you with the ability to take on challenging and rewarding roles with confidence.

Graduate Trainee Programs

Our unique Trainee Program allows you to apply your knowledge to the real-life challenges facing the electricity industry, while gaining the additional training needed to be successful at OPG. During your first 12 to 24 months, you will participate in orientation activities, complete the training requirements of your role and participate in rotational opportunities in one of OPG’s business units.

Business Unit Duration Design/Elements
Nuclear 24 months • Orientation
• Seven weeks of classroom training
• Two four-month rotations
• Report to Home Base
• One shift cycle rotation of three to five weeks
Hydroelectric Up to 24 months • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN);
• Orientation
• Training
• Rotational experience opportunities, for example, within the Plant environment, Engineering environment, Project Management, and the various Hydroelectric Support Function environments
• Project assignments

Educational Requirements

To be considered for a trainee position in design, planning, project management, measurement and evaluation – or any other Engineering or Applied Science role, you will need an accredited Bachelor of Engineering or Applied Science degree, or other relevant credentials. All job postings list any specific requirements.

Recruiting Timeframes

Typically, trainee job postings go up in late August through October, for positions beginning in the following calendar year, however, depending on needs, there may be postings throughout the year.

Note: The posting, interviewing and hiring process varies, depending on the requirements of the Nuclear or Hydroelectric business units.

Review all of the details listed on the Application Process page for more specifics on timing and process.

Technical/Specialist Stream

Once you have completed the Trainee Program, your long-term career path may be towards specializing in a certain field or system. For example, past new grad trainees have pursued and acquired roles as Financial Analysts, Technical Engineers/Officers or Systems Specialists. The trainees in the Hydroelectric business start in this stream.

Management & Supervisory Stream

Our Trainee Program offers a solid foundation for a variety of career options at the supervisory level. While some additional coaching, mentoring, and professional development may be necessary, many of our trainees work towards senior positions, which involve management of staff and budget, and accountability for strategic planning. In fact, a large percentage of our current senior executive team started their careers in our New Grad Trainee Program!

Download our OPG: Careers in Engineering and Applied Science – Type of Work PDF to learn more about just some of the areas of Engineering where new grad Engineers may be required.

Are You The Right Fit?

If you are a forward-thinking, energetic problem-solver looking to make your mark on the future of power generation, you will fit right in at OPG. Our workplace thrives on safety, respect and diversity, and we promote career growth and continuous learning. We encourage everyone who works here to take charge of his or her career.

What To Expect

Watch our video to learn more about what to expect from our Engineering & Applied Science New Graduate Trainee Program.

Realistic Job Preview

Starting a new job can present unique challenges. OPG would like to help make this transition smooth for you. That is why we feel it is important to provide you with a detailed description of what you can expect to experience as an Engineering/Applied Science Trainee.

Our Realistic Job Preview gives you detailed information on all aspects of the position. The goal of the Realistic Job Preview is to achieve a better fit between you and the position and provide you with realistic expectations. The document is quite long and detailed, however, it is a good investment of your time to read it, as it will better prepare you.