New Graduates - Sidra


Darlington Generating Station
Bowmanville - Nuclear


Engineer Trainee

“The best thing about my workday is the time spent in the field. That’s where real learning happens for me.”

It hasn’t taken long for Sidra to recognize the many rewards of an OPG career, not the least of which is working with such a diverse group of people. While it’s still early in her professional life, and she has yet to decide on her main career goal, Sidra is confident that she will be supported by OPG, no matter what she chooses to pursue in the long run.

This Mechanical Engineering graduate, who started out as a Systems Engineer at Darlington, is taking advantage of rotation opportunities to gain hands-on experience in different areas of the business. But, it’s definitely not ‘all work’ for Sidra. A prime example of the many caring citizens who make up OPG, she finds time to volunteer at a local hospital, be on the Engineers Without Borders executive and play on the OPG softball team – all while building a promising career.