Toronto, ON


Manager, Inspection & Maintenance Projects

“The fact that I am young inspires people. I started just like everyone else out of university. Through hard work and drive, I’ve been able to advance quickly—there’s that opportunity here and many of my peers have similar stories.”

Favourite Book: Dune (I know…I know…), Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Personal Passion: I play a lot of sports; I like to be healthy. I try and do something active everyday, for the body and the mind.
Secret Talent: planning and executing bachelor parties

Ryan always wants to be in a workplace where there’s room for creativity, and that’s what brought him to OPG. At university, he was part of the Baja Racing team, designing off-road vehicles similar to dune buggies to compete in the Baja SAE intercollegiate engineering challenge. He did a fair amount of 3D modelling and, as an emerging professional, it really helped round out his engineering portfolio.

After graduating from McGill University, he researched and applied to OPG’s New Grad Program, which provides three months of rotational, multi-disciplinary training including two engineering department rotations and a shift rotation at a station, eventually returning new employees to officially start where they were hired.

“It was excellent. The business is so complex, you need all of that technical knowledge up front. It was invaluable. You learn different areas of the company and the shift experience gives you the real nuts and bolts of how the place is run. You get a real sense of how work is completed in the plants.”

Now, Ryan manages the Inspection and Maintenance Projects department, supporting project managers and their teams to ensure that sound project management principles are being delivered appropriately and that the teams are engaged, motivated, and aligned.

“My skill set is definitely in management and leadership. I enjoy strategy, vision, and helping people grow to meet their goals. I could do that in a lot of places, but I get to manage a group that works on these cool, high-tech gadgets and robots. Our end product is fascinating and challenging—a very satisfying product.

No matter what you do at OPG, you’re producing something of value. We’re keeping the lights on, providing bulk base energy to the grid—it’s a real, tangible output to our efforts.”

Ryan’s perspective has evolved in line with his experience.“We’re a company owned by the government of Ontario
—we’re accountable to the people of Ontario. Everyone needs to know what we’re doing because it’s their tax dollars. If there’s less demand, we need to be nimble. It’s tough on a big company like this, but I think we’ve done well with our business transformation. We’re being smart about our future.
There’s lots of opportunity. There are all kinds of interesting roles that need to be filled. The company is strong— huge hydro, new forms of electricity, coal plant conversion, amazing technology advancing the energy mix and the sector.

There is opportunity to develop within the company. People move around all the time. If you want to come and work at one company for your whole career, you can do that here and still have varied work. I never thought I’d be at one company for 10 years – never even considered it. They do a great job of keeping you engaged.You progress and move around to do all kinds of things. You’re not going to be stuck in one job your whole career. Unless, of course, you love it. OPG does a great job helping people into their next jobs.

It’s an exciting time to be young around here. Personally, I don’t think I could have been developed and promoted as quickly as I have been without the transformation of our business. If you want to lead, you will be given opportunity.”