New Graduates – Ninochka


Pickering Generating Station
Pickering - Nuclear


Engineering & Appl. Sci. Trainee


“My great Co-op experience, the friendly yet professional environment and the diversity at OPG encouraged me to join the company when I graduated.”

A Mechanical Engineer with an Energy major, Ninochka comes from a long line of male engineers, and decided at 15 to become an engineer herself, mostly, she says, because she liked the idea that engineering allows one to think out solutions to problems differently. She had lots of opportunity to do just that as a summer Co-op student at OPG in 2008, while working as part of the Primary Heat Transport System, Performance Engineering team at our Pickering B Nuclear Generating Station. Contrary to her initial fears that it would turn out to be a ‘fetch and carry’ role, she discovered right away that she was assigned real engineering duties with real responsibilities, and was rewarded in seeing her work implemented in day-to-day analysis of the plant systems.

While Ninochka first heard about OPG when she received one of our University Engineering Awards, her interest in the organization grew quickly through her interactions with other OPG staff as a Co-op student, as well as courses she took with other nuclear engineers who were also very interested in joining OPG.

Now a new grad, Ninochka is happy to be part of the Reactor Safety area, one of the key departments involved in the refurbishment of our Pickering A unit. She looks forward to increasing her knowledge and experience in nuclear plant operations, and believes that OPG’s size and diversity will give her many opportunities to continue to succeed.