Toronto, ON


Engineering Intern | Nuclear

“What’s amazing is the open space and open mindedness. I like to try out new things—analyze them and see what happens. OPG gives freedom to innovate and investigate. And the work we do is critical, relevant work.”

Favourite Book: Life of Pi
Personal Passion: working out—it’s a great stress reliever
Secret Talent: Poetry

In the third year of study many engineering students embark on an internship hunt. Nayab was looking for an opportunity to match her academic engineering background and wanted to be sure she earned the right placement. She found it at OPG.

“The interview at OPG was a unique experience that captivated me. Very few companies invite interns to their office. It was highly organized and informative and I got to meet other past interns to hear about their experiences.

From the first day, Nayab was given very challenging work, learning she’d be working on concepts she had no prior knowledge of. She was paired with a senior scientist and works on very robust, technical documents related to the nuclear inspection system. “It’s phenomenal how I was matched and given work that really challenges me. You can count on being matched and getting the work that suits your background and career path.”

Nayab just finished a Modeling Study Report, running over 140 simulations of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). She’s working to prove the Matrix Inspection Technology (MIT) system can meet the inspection requirements. MIT system is an ultrasonic inspection system to detect defects and thinning in pipes. OPG scientists developed the MIT system and Nayab’s internship is focused on its continuous improvement.

Now working on volumetric detection and image analysis algorithms for MIT, Nayab has advanced her skills and experience quickly. “OPG provides a general outline of the work, but the learning and work is really independent. In the end, there’s a great sense of fulfillment. I wrote code to help solve an accuracy issue, which not only was implemented in the final software but I was also recognized for it in front of the entire department. It’s very rewarding.”

The internship has had a profound effect on Nayab’s confidence and sense of professional belonging. “At OPG, it’s important to provide quality work and represent the company professionally and positively. I often engage with external parties, so I need to make sure the work I do is correct and accurate. Producing quality, professional work is critical. My entire aptitude has changed, I’ve become a lot more detail oriented, and capable of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Although I am the only female in my office area of ten engineers, I have had the opportunity to work in the ultrasonic lab and get my hands dirty as well as co-instruct MIT Software Training course to the station crew. There are no barriers as long as you are enthusiastic and passionate.”

Nayab and her intern counterparts are fully ingrained in departmental events and take part in OPG’s mentorship program, which places interns and other employees with mentors across the company. “OPG works very hard to make sure interns get the most out of this experience, and it’s appreciated. We’re invited to all of the meetings and events. My manager always pulls me away from my cubicle to hear what’s going on.”