Students - Lucy


Sir Adam Beck Generating Station
Niagara - Hydroelectric


Civil Engineering Intern

“The people and the diverse work environments make my job particularly enjoyable.”

Over the course of her Civil Engineering Internship, Lucy has discovered that OPG has a lot to offer students and is an excellent place to learn about safety and the industry. She has found Niagara to be a great location, with opportunities to work both in the office and in the field. And she speaks enthusiastically of the tours to other stations organized by the Student Program, and how they have added to her knowledge of power generation.

Lucy also has many interests outside work, from oil painting and drawing animation to hiking and other outdoor activities, and has taken the opportunity to join the St. Catharines Rowing League during her internship, which she has found to be a lot of fun.

Lucy’s experience at OPG strongly complements her studies, as she builds a solid foundation for a rewarding career in Environmental and Civil Engineering.