Toronto, ON


Engineering Intern | Electrical

“So far, it’s pretty rewarding. People are helpful and address questions without hesitation. People here are pretty close.”

Favourite Book: Newton’s Football
Personal Passion or Interest: Sports, math, and the Denver Broncos
Secret Talent: “Soccer—I’ve played my entire life.”

Jamie is an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). Throughout the year, OPG posts highly-competitive internship opportunities for emerging engineers and students of other disciplines. Jamie applied in the third year of his undergrad and was one of the lucky ones.

He admits that prior to his internship, he had no sense of the scope of operations and opportunity at OPG. “Being here really gives you an appreciation of what OPG does—the complexity of operations and tools. I’m impressed and would love to see OPG continue to lead in its commitment to clean energy generation in Ontario.”

He was surprised by the quality of the internship opportunity, quickly finding himself assigned to live projects as a contributing team member following his orientation.

“I expected more computer-based work as opposed to actual testing. It’s been great to take what I’ve learned and apply it in the workplace. You work in a team most of the time and my team is mostly staff as opposed to other intern experiences. Interns play an important role in testing, which needs to be done to commission any tool or mock-up. It’s great to be exposed to that.”

The most challenging aspect of his role has been learning the ins and outs of work at OPG. Interns are provided with comprehensive training and facility tours, but diving into the culture is a must. “Coming up to speed on the OPG language and how the company works—its processes—familiarizing myself with that was a bit daunting. Also, balancing work and prioritizing has been a challenge because we have multiple, unrelated projects happening at the same time.”

OPG is a safety-focused company, which is evident anywhere you go and particularly within the various plants and facilities, which Jamie loves to tour. But, while many companies require safety training, OPG makes it a level-one priority for all staff, regardless of where they work within the company. The visibility of safety measures, protocols, and training throughout the company has made a strong impression on him.

So has the integration of senior staff within the intern program, which exposes students to a wide variety of engineering careers and applications. “It’s a great company to learn—there are many different disciplines of engineers at OPG, and a lot of exposure to what an engineer can do. I’ve gained knowledge of mechanical and nuclear as well. It’s good to diversify your knowledge and OPG helps with that.