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Details For Nuclear Positions

Skilled Trades

Applicants typically must apply to a generic/multi-position job posting, depending on needs. Vacancies for the positions most frequently recruited from campus are typically posted as follows:

Nuclear Operators – typically posted in January only, for positions beginning throughout the year.

Mechanical Technicians and Electrical & Control Technicians – typically posted in January for positions beginning in early summer, however, depending on needs, positions may also be posted in late summer for positions starting near the end of the year.

Be sure to submit your profile in the Job Search section of our site, so that we may e-mail you about new vacancies in your field as they become available.

If you meet the selection criteria, you may be invited for testing. Should you successfully pass these tests, you may be invited to an interview. The interviewer(s) then make(s) recommendations on where you may ‘best fit’, based on your experience, education, preferences, or other criteria.

Note: While these are not tests for which you can study, if you would like to become familiar with these types of aptitude tests, you should visit the SHL website.

Engineering & Applied Sciences

All applicants apply to a generic/multi-position job posting, which is generally posted from Labour Day weekend through Thanksgiving weekend for positions beginning throughout the following year.

Be sure to include a cover letter, as applications are thoroughly reviewed before selected candidates are invited via e-mail to a full-day recruitment event.

All event details and directions are included in the e-mail, but typically, the event is held at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in early November. At the event, in addition to participating in an interview, each candidate will have the opportunity to meet with Senior Engineering Managers and Engineering employees.

Interviews are conducted by a two-person team, who will make recommendations on where candidates may ‘best fit’, based on their experience, education, preferences, or other criteria.

Conditional job offers are made to successful candidates beginning in December, and usually continue through February, depending on the number of applicants and positions being filled.